Consent forms and reference materials are available to view & download at your own risk.

Syllabus ACTO 001

Air Cadet Syllabus of Training

Combined Cadet Force Consent Certificate RAF Form 7537A

Combined Cadet Force Consent Form - Equivilent to ATC Form 3822A

Flying Medical Consent form

AV Medical Form CCF

Cadet Activities Consent Form

CC Form 1

Staff Activities Consent Form

CC Form 2

Cadet & Staff Activities Certificate of Health/Declartion of Fitness

CC Form 3

Cadet & Staff Activities Certificate of Health Questionaire

CC Form 4

Air Cadet Ethos ACP 1

The Ethos of the ACO is made up of the distinctive character, spirit and attitudes which together inspire young people to pursue the spirit of adventure

Policy & Regulation for Ministy of Defence Sponsored Cadet Forces JSP814

CCF & ATC Policy & Regulations

Cultural & Religious Diversity ACP 2

This information was taken from the Ministry of Defence Cultural Awareness & Major Religious Guide.

Honours & Awards ACP 3

This booklet is for the guidance of staff concerned with the compilation and submission of recommendations for honours and awards.

Child Potection ACP 4

Child Protection Policy & Guidelines

Fieldcraft ACP 16

Manual of Fieldcraft Training Instructors Only

Adventure Training ACP 17

Air Cadets Adventure Training Instructions